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POCHÉ Collection: An Autumn Winter collection to find yourself
Ornella is at the origin of the outfits that you will find in this catalog and each piece represents a stage of an internal journey. Through these creations, she wanted to tell the journey she undertook to find herself when she moved to Paris.

The Entity is the symbol of this autumn-winter collection: the Entity represents what we are when we forget to think about what society tells us to be. Before finding our Entity, a personal exploration is necessary and this is where we will discover our “knots”, our complexity. The weaves that you will find for example on the QUEST suit are the representation of this complexity and wearing them proudly allows us to fully embrace who we are.

Finally, this winter collection takes you into a creative and inspiring universe never before explored at Kroskel. You will find more than 12 unique new pieces, each representing a stage of this personal exploration.

What’s in this luxury Fall-Winter 2022 collection?
Between the falling temperatures and the end-of-year events, the winter season can appear to be the hardest to experience in a year.

So that you are comfortable and confident during this cold season, the Autumn Winter POCHÉ collection offers you elegant dresses like the DAILES jumpsuit/dress. Our first warm coats are also in the spotlight in this collection: the ANTRE coat and the EXPLORATION coat will warm you up with class all winter long!

Special attention to plus size clothing for clothing

Through this luxurious autumn-winter collection, we wanted to put all the bodies in the spotlight and particularly the large sizes. For those who are wondering what pants to wear when you are a round woman, the Poché collection answers the Libre straight jeans. In addition to embracing your beauty, the collection offers pieces with inspiring names that will allow you to express your thoughts every day.

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