In this article, I take you with me on the journey of my story with this beautiful brand. How my look, my understanding and my appreciations have evolved with her. We will analyze together the codes of the Christie Brown fashion house and the identity of the Christie Brown woman.

KROSKEL Magazine

My dad was an abusive father. In the sense that he hit the children. He hit them for petty reasons, like not drinking his cup of milk in a bar because it's too hot. Well, especially me, of the three...

The challenge is to answer the question “who am I? » in the privacy of my thoughts. When in the silence of my thoughts, completely hidden from the world, I lead debates or reflections with myself, who is this talking me? 

Take a look inside our worshop, and get to know the team behind the brand !

Episode 1 of the KROSKEL short film series

Discover the first independent fashion show of the Franco-Cameroonian brand that defies the codes of Parisian fashion.

Proud ambassador of African fashion, Scheena Donia supports the Kroskel house and enhances the pieces of the MAYA collection. This first lookbook with Scheena Donia will take you on a journey between Yaoundé and Kinshasa via Paris. With Scheena, embrace the Nomad woman in you!

Our online fashion magazine

Welcome to Kroskel Magazine, the online fashion magazine of our fashion house. On the program of this free online fashion magazine, fashion and sewing tips from our expert stylists. We share with you our thoughts on the principles of styling and couture but also our experiences in the world of fashion in Europe and Africa as a young couture brand. We look forward to talking with you about the techniques of making a garment and to have your opinion on our next fashion shows. So enter the world of Kroskel Magazine!

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