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The QUÊTE women’s turquoise green suit is the ideal outfit for wedding ceremonies or important professional events. The suit consists of a long-sleeved blazer jacket and slightly shiny green straight pants. The weaving on the blazer jacket brings a refined touch to the whole set, enough to make an impression!


Conception of this piece

Chance and madness!

That’s how this jacket comes into our home. By pure chance and in a moment of madness.
I was in a strange period of my search for myself when this piece saw the light of day.
I had just come out of the months where I had been actively drowned in the search for my deep identity, my entity, and I was looking for the words to express what I felt like I had found during this quest.
The central word I had in mind was the knot. I wanted to express this desire to untie a knot, to dissect it, to explain it but at the same time to transmit the strength of the knot, its variation, its complexity.
The woman I was looking for in my quest, I had found her. She was me but she was also many others. And every time I tried to describe it, the image of the knot came back to me.

Knot seemed to be the right word.

The knot referred to resistance, solidity, but also to the technique of doing and undoing it. Even my difficulty in describing these women made me think of the knot. The same knot.

Since I encountered this void in the words, I then decided that this would be the common thread, the exploration of my next collection and I began the tests.

Initially, I was thinking of braids, more or less thick, topstitched on a silhouette. The rug could recall the knot. So Eliane, my dear Eliane, offered me a weave made by her mother. She showed me a photo of past work and off we went for a first try on a prototype of the Aude dress.
A tinted fabric forgotten at the back of a closet in the workshop did our job. After about two weeks, I was able to see her mounted on a bust which for me perfectly illustrated the complexity of this woman I wanted to describe.
An evidence.
Overnight, two fully woven jackets entered my Poché collection. One was called Quest, the other was called Armor. The first in reference to the quest that had been mine to give birth to them and the second to the mission that would be theirs: to accompany as a faithful friend, as an ally, each of the women who would wear them.


The Knot – Embrace the complexity of your entity

“If the entity IS then it is easier by looking at it to embrace its complexity, its density and its roughness. Here is revealed, similar to a knot, the Kroskel woman. Self-determined, free and whole. ” This exploration begins once you have found your entity. My desire was to capture in one look all that is different, deep, diverse and moving in a Kroskel woman. Fabric dyed to a single shade of color for several days and then patiently woven by caring hands seemed to me ideal for representing this complexity. Dense, heavy, multiple and structured knots, which I hope live up to this woman.

Technical description

How to wear this piece ?

The little story of our stylist

Dyeing technique

The initial dye is reminiscent of a constellation: on a white fabric, drops of wax are diffused using a broom. This is the beginning of the life of this fabric. Three techniques are necessary to achieve this result: rain, rectangular accordion folding, and shibori. It is therefore necessary to count 3 steps each lasting several hours to obtain this fabric.

Composition : 96% coton, 4% élasthanne

Care: Wash cold separately the first time – Lavage en machine à 30°, programme “coton” – Séchage au sèche-linge fortement déconseillé, privilégiez le séchage à l’air libre

Complete the look

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Chic turquoise green suit for women – Quête

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