Turquoise green crop top and fluid pants set – Varano


The Varano crop top and pants set combines a large high waisted turquoise tinted bottom with its cross front crop top. The flared cut of the pants will provide you with maximum comfort and its bright color will not leave you indifferent. Combined with the short crop top in the same turquoise green color, this outfit guarantees you comfort in a refined style.


Conception of this piece

This crop top and large flowing pants set is a bit of an icon of this common thread: where the “rigue” go, the pants widen, loosen, transform and we almost find a long flared skirt in its place. A skirt, yes, but with the comfort of trousers as a bonus. Its scale, its grace, its colors… everything is in place for a centerpiece. Accompanied by its short crop top in the same refined green/turquoise color, this outfit has become the essential of the Maya collection.


Exploration : Rigue

The idea comes from a shirt that bears this name, in which “rigue” – sound translation of “righe” (lines in Italian) – are embedded vertically in a plain fabric. We then imagined to insert “rigue” of different fabrics (linen on the one hand, cotton on the other) of the same basic colors tinted with different techniques. This gives a very satisfying result, where the “rigue” of the folds gives fullness and class. The lines are thus interspersed as if bridges had been erected between one and the other.

Technical description

Wide pants that flare out very widely thanks to the “Rigue” structure, the Varano pants have a wide waistband and a zipper on the side. Large pockets hidden in the side seams allow the Varano pants to be used for all events… and even to stay quietly at home! Short crop top crossed on the front that closes in the back with a zipper.

How to wear this piece ?

This outfit is self-sufficient and you can dress it up with low sneakers or transparent high heels, flesh-colored or bright red, to contrast the solid color.

The little story of our stylist

Some monitor lizards, including the Komodo dragon, are capable of parthenogenesis, which is a way of reproducing without the egg having been fertilized by the male.

Dyeing technique

The slightly elastic cotton is dyed using a wax resist technique. This means that we spread the wax on the places that we do not want to dye to protect them at the time of dyeing. The fabric is then boiled to remove all the wax. In this technique in particular, the wax is spread over the entire surface and the wax is “broken” to allow the dye to penetrate into the cracks thus formed. We call this “broken wax technique”.
The linen is dyed with the “shibori” technique in which you fold in accordion in one direction then in the other until you obtain a small rectangle which you then tie to allow the dye to pass only on the edges.

Composition : Partie batik composé à 96% de coton et 4% d’élasthanne, partie shibori composé à 100% de lin

Care: Wash cold separately the first time – Lavage en machine à 40° – Séchage au sèche-linge fortement déconseillé, privilégiez le séchage à l’air libre

Complete the look

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Turquoise green crop top and fluid pants set – Varano

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